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Italian & French Violin Makers - De Luxe Edition

Italian & French Violin Makers - De Luxe Edition

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collection of instruments crafted by the fascinating masters of the last four centuries in Italy and France are photographed in such high quality as has never been published before.

One hundred twenty-eight well-certified instruments have been meticulously and expertly photographed by one of the world’s best photographers.

As the books measure 300 mm by 460 mm, every detail of the beautiful instruments (violins and violas) is reproduced in life size. The printing technique chosen for the reproductions makes use of a special varnishing to preserve and enhance the beauty of the instruments. Each of the four volumes offers a cross-section view of the violin-making history of these two important schools and allows detailed comparison studies with the help of measurements and CT scans.

The collection is divided into four volumes containing 128 instruments on 781 pages. We have been allowed privileged access to some of the finest examples instruments of these outstanding Italian and French masters, who are listed by name in each book and also as a summary by alphabetical order for all four volumes. This makes it easy to use the work as a reference book.

The books contain the fascinating history of every featured master, thoroughly researched and carefully written, alongside comprehensive essays by distinguished experts such as Bruce Carlson (Cremona), J.F. Schmitt † (Lyon), Igor Moroder (Turin) and last but not least Florian Leonhard (London).

Limited 100 leather-bound copies of each volume, individually numbered and registered, the books—published by Jost Thoene Verlag—are certain to increase in value and become collector’s items.

Italian and French Violin Makers
Publisher: Jost Thöne, Jost Thöne Verlag
Volume I-IV, combined 781 pages, 128 instruments

De Luxe Edition Vol. I-IV

Limited to 100 copies, red leather
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(excl. 7% VAT) plus shipping (price on request) 
*local customs and duties may apply

* These books are printed before 2010 and so called antiquarian books. They may have slightly small damages due to storage time or factory process. Buyers have to accept and cannot claim any replacement or repayments.

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